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Meditation Pillow

Yoga Cushion, Meditation Pillow, Crescent or Zafu – what is that?
A Zafu (meditation pillow) is a round or bean-shaped (crescent zafu), puff-like pillow. Meditation pillows are popular yoga accessories, so-called props, which can help you in the various positions but most of all for your daily meditation practice. They will help you to a more “effective” pose and give you the support you need to more easily and stably position. In yin yoga, yoga nidra and resorative yoga as well as pranayama (breathing exercises) these props are “invaluable”.
Most yoga props was “invented” in the 1960s, when yoga teachers who, among other things. B.K.S. Iyengar noticed that many of his students had problems maintaining correct posture in certain positions. This is due to injury or lack of flexibility. Iyengar therefore developed and introduced accessories, props, and yoga equipment to help his students access poses with greater comfort and better shape. Yoga props such as bolsters, zafus, zabutons (meditation mats), pillows, yoga straps, blankets, cork blocks, etc.
The wonderful thing about props is that they can be used in an endless way. As always, it is best that they are used based on how you feel, rather than what a shape or pose looks like – test, feel and use your imagination!
Made of natural materials
Fabric in 100% washed linen  – filled with shells of European grown buckwheat.
Care instructions for your bolsters
Care and cleaning of buckwheat products is very simple. Empty covers can be washed in the washing machine. The buckwheat shells do not really require cleaning, but if you want, you can freshen up the buckwheat shells by freezing them for 24 hours or exposing them to sunlight. Put the shells in a laundry bag (preferably two). Rinse them under running water and then spread the shells on a sheet in the sun. The sun disinfects them and when they dry they contract and will become like new.