Enhance your yoga with our luxurious and comfortable bolsters – your key to deeper relaxation and support during practice. 

Our history

Wearmyyoga was born out of a passionate love for yoga and a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world. The company was founded by Magdalena Hanson who shared a common belief that clothes could be so much more than just fashion – they could be an extension of one’s conscious lifestyle.

In the beginning it was a simple vision: to create clothes that were not only comfortable, stylish and functional, but also comfortable to perform yoga in.

Since then, the passion and commitment to both yoga and sustainability has been at the heart of everything Wearmyyoga stands for.

We care about the enviroment

Sustainability is at the heart of Wearmyyoga. Our company is deeply committed to creating a positive impact both on people and the planet, we understand that it is crucial to be aware of our ecological footprint and to prioritise responsible business principles.

Our commitment to sustainability includes the use of environmentally friendly materials, ethical manufacturing, minimising waste, and focusing on product longevity and quality. We are convinced that through these actions we can contribute to a better world and inspire our customers to make the same choices.

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