Wearmyyoga – the Yoga Shop for You and Your Yoga 🖤

Wearmyyoga is from the beginning an idea of a brand for yoga clothes in the so-called “body-positive” spirit and which was further developed to sell yogamats, bolsters, zafus, etc. – yoga props. Everyone has the right to feel good and every action affects each other and our planet – this ethos is the heart of every choice we make.  We offer comfortable and easy to wear garments. It’s not only a piece of garment for yoga, it’s something you’ll wear to work, on the weekends… pretty much all the time. We believe in serious sustainability. Our commitment to sustainability is central to who we are as a brand. We have carefully considered each part of our making process; from the materials used, to the method of manufacture which supports our producers in the EU. WMY is mindfully (as in sustainable) manufactured yoga wear, yoga props and accessories. Sustainability is important to us!  More than anything else, we want you to feel good and live well. Take a look here in our Yoga Shop – we are pretty sure that you will find something here that will help you achieve that goal.