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Yoga Mats

You do not have to have a yogamat to do yoga – but it helps. ..
A yoga mat gives you support and a reasonably soft surface. With the yoga mat, you create your “special space” and it’s there, on the mat, it all happens – the magic between body and mind. We have also put extra time and thought into the design of our mats. We want you to think they are so beautiful that you don’t want to store it away… instead it should be laying there, for you to enjoy it and to remind you to take some time for yourself on the mat.
Made of natural rubber.
Most of our mats has a base of natural rubber. Yoga mats made of natural rubber offer a soft, flexible surface – where you place the mat is where it stays. In addition, the carpet is non-toxic, easy to clean and naturally degradable. You can either choose a top layer of natural (antibacterial) cork, vegan suede or one with a so-called PU leather (polyurethane) = super grip!
Travel mats vs a thicker yoga mat.
What thickness should you choose? There is no general “rule” about what’s best, you simply have to to trust your guts. Most of our mats have a thickness of 3.5 mm. It works for most people – reasonably soft to sit/lie on but still provides a good support in standing asanas. If you want a slightly thicker mat, we have our TPE (thermoplastic elastane) of 6 mm it’s both light when carrying and provides a slightly softer surface. For those who want to bring their own rug on the trip or when doing yoga in a studio, we offer so-called travel mats of 1.5 mm. The travel mats doesn’t take up much space, perfect to fold and tuck in your bag.
Care instructions for your yoga mat.
We recommend that you clean your yogamat with a soft cloth and water, possibly a little mild soap to keep your carpet fresh and nice. Better for you and the environment!