Max the summer feeling all the way into September

Dancing girl wearing seamless yoga set.

The beginning of August means the start of work for many – and goodbye to summer holidays.
But just because work is calling doesn’t mean that the holiday feeling has to be over completely, does it?

Use the afternoons – if you work during the day, you have a whole evening to use as a holiday. Instead of hitting the couch right after work, you can extend the holiday feeling by doing things in the evenings. Why not have dinner with all the friends you didn’t get to see during your holiday or why not treat yourself to an extra long walk in the late summer sun? Long live evenings!

Make full use of your lunch – use your lunch to eat in peace and quiet, let go of work and just enjoy yourself, you might even have time for a little walk too, a walk and talk with a colleague or a lovely meditative moment with yourself. Lunch is your free time, take care of it!

Make the most of the weekend – extend the holiday feeling by fully enjoying the weekend and doing “holiday fun” things – things you didn’t get to do during the holidays. Whilst it may be tempting to do nothing and just lounge on the sofa all weekend after a stressful week at work, don’t do it! By finding something fun, the weekend will feel so much longer, go out for a brunch, see an exhibition, visit a relative, go on a hike, you can still swim… look for a “farmers markets” (good & fun to buy locally grown) and why not look for a one-day yoga retreat to “refuel” energy and balance… – just do something! When Sunday and evening comes, you can summarise the weekend, lying on the couch, feeling very satisfied and excited for a new working week.



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